Expressions of You
           about Yolanda Lariece
                     About me
My name: Yolanda
Age: Ageless!
Birthday: June 3
Favorite book: The Bible (Psalms), The Alchemist
Favorite poets:Robert & Elizabeth Browning, Maya Angelou
Favorite movie: The Color Purple
Favorite quote: “Begin with the end in mind.”

Break Every Chain (Tasha Cobb)
Calvary (R. Smallwood)
They Didn’t Know (Kurt Carr)
Pearls (Sade)
I Was Here (Beyonce)

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Yolanda Lariece Sandifer-Horton has blended twenty plus years as a dancer, choreographer and educator, to create a dynamic God centered career as a distinctive fine arts director. Her leadership and style captures the rhythm and energy of artistic expression to create programs and performances for young people that are fluid, distinctive, innovative and inspirational.

Giving all the honor and glory to God, she also acknowledges other institutions, churches and organizations that have helped shape her into the person she is today.  Special thanks goes to: Mayfair Academy School of Dance, St. Felicitas Church & Liturgical Dancers, St. Sabina Church “Spirit of David” Liturgical Dance Ministry and Jack and Jill of America; where  she learned the importance of community service, education, leadership and the value in building relationships between family, peers and God.

Today, Yolanda continues to work in the community as choreographer, consultant, coach and administrator. She provides these services nationally and to the Chicago area through her Dance Consultancy, Fine Arts Programs and her Spiritual Youth Dance troupe.

As Founder and Artistic Director of Expressions of You, Yolanda Lariece continues to strive to create amazing experiences and wonderful works for children that reflect their cultural influences, artistic yearnings and their faith in God.

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phone:  (773) 609-5440
Telephone: 773 609